Microphone Jackson

Microphone Jackson



ExplicitBe There – 4:12 View in iTunes

ExplicitPeople Make the World (feat. Tonya Rivers) – 4:47 View in iTunes

ExplicitMan & the Mirror – 1:02 View in iTunes

ExplicitDear Rise – 3:30 View in iTunes

ExplicitI Wanna Rock (feat. Tonya Rivers) – 3:54 View in iTunes

ExplicitThriller Night 2017 (feat. Mosca Flux & Shame) – 5:00 View in iTunes

ExplicitJust Beat It (feat. C Notes & City City) – 2:52 View in iTunes

ExplicitI’m Bad – 4:00 View in iTunes

ExplicitDive In (feat. Carl Kent Jr.) – 4:08 View in iTunes

ExplicitSkin (feat. Carl Kent Jr) – 4:45 View in iTunes

ExplicitThis Is It – 3:24 View in iTunes

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Virginia representer and Raleigh, NC resident Rise Rashid is positively on a roll having released one project a year since 2014. First came Microphone Jordan in 2014, then Microphone X in 2015 and then Microphone Ali in 2016 before Microphone Jackson moonwalked onto the scene earlier this year. Expect the character traits of a role model from Rise, who subs as a high school basketball coach in his spare time, something he takes very serious, as it gives him a chance to mentor all types of different students and have an impact in their lives.

Microphone Jackson is a spirited show of skill that’s just plain boastful at times but at every other turn, Rise Rashid opts for deep meaning and timelessness. He’s baffled at the poor integrity of those in power in “Be There,” concerned with real folks going through the everyday struggle in “People Make The World,” focused on learning from past priority-placement in “Dear Rise” and cognizant of the oppression of poor people, minorities and the like in “Skin.” This is a great album from a real rise-minded emcee.