Microphone Marley

Microphone Marley


1. Champion Sound
2. We Jammin (feat. Cnotes)
3. I Don’t Wanna Wait (feat. Tonya Rivers)
4. Good Vibrations
5. What Cha Know Soldier
6. Fighting for Justice (feat. Spice Dafari)
7. Rebel Music (No Matta What Dem Say) [feat. Spice Dafari]
8. My Redemption
9. No Cry
10. Money Can’t Buy Life


Microphone Marley , the 5th installment of the “Microphone” Series by Rise Rashid. Microphone Marley is a Bob Marley inspired Album that is intended to stir the same emotions as each one of Bob’s early classics. Like all the other “Microphone” projects, Rise dives deep into the background and life of these people. The knowledge acquired from his extensive study of these legends allows Rise to channel the essence of these folk ( so to speak) through his pen while telling his own vivid story.

Available on ALL digital music outlets WORLDWIDE January 24th!

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