Victory Is Ours

Victory Is Ours


1. Intro
2. Barsity Anthem
3. Fallen Soldiers
4. Block Troubles (feat. DJ Hurley)
5. I Am Yours
6. Barsity Artistry
7. Road To Redemption
8. Fight Night
9. Death Comes Knocking (feat. DJ Hurley)
10. Victory Is Ours
11. Rise (feat. Kimmie)
12. Outro


Barsity Champs¬†is a group combined of Rival727 & Shredtvt. A play off of Varsity, these two artists are the “Champs” of hip hop! Very lyrical yet witty, Barstiy Champs accompanied by producer J.Quest bring you an album full of dope production and real life experience.

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